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We are slowing migrating posts from our old, defunct blog here. Not surprisingly, we've discovered that not all blog posts are worth saving. For a while, there will be new (OLD) blog posts appearing from time to time and (hopefully) new content as well.

Look for technical as well as philosophical content as we give in to the writing bug. If there is something we've touched on in a Periscope broadcast or on other social media, feel free to drop us a writing prompt or tell us you need more information. If you're lucky, we'll get to writing.

While we're just a couple of clay-covered kids (well, we used to be kids) making a living hawking pots, we want to share our experiences with you guys - the same way folks shared with us while we found our way.

In the meantime, get outside! The Appalachian Trail is waiting for you to come check out the change of the seasons!

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