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1994 - BFA from Applachian Center for Arts and Crafts



1997 - BFA from Belmont University

1998 - post graduate work at Memphis College of Art

Alex and Lisa LaPella

1999 - 2008 - Owners of Into The Fire, Ceramics Studio

1999 - present - Owners of LaPella Pottery

2016 - present - Creators and Directors of Insta•Crafty                              Handmade Markets

Alex and Lisa LaPella

Unicoi, TN


Alex and Lisa LaPella are pottery and partners, in life and in the studio. They collaborate on nearly everything that comes through the studio, passing work back and forth throughout the process. This collaboration, which grew natural through their marriage, allows the pots to take on lives of their own as they give up ownership of them. One of the LaPellas conceives a pot, the other might birth it, and as the process unfolds with the pot passing between them, the pot becomes more than the original idea.


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